Homemade Sugar-Free Popsicles For Summer

Is your baby just about that age when he or she is teething and needs teethers to soothe the gums? This is the reason why you need to prepare healthy baby snacks at home, and that is where the sugar-free popsicles come in.

Sugar Free Popsicles Are Great As Baby Teethers

Luckily, there are many ways to make your own teething rings at home. This will give you the opportunity to have something at hand until you can go out and get the real thing. With that, you will be able to ease your baby’s pain. Moreover, it will stop him from screaming, and alleviate your own pain.

Types Of Homemade Teething Rings

Homemade teething rings do not necessarily ring, although there are ways that you can make them. One way to get a ring, and provide your baby with plenty of healthy vitamins, is to partially freeze a pineapple ring. It is healthy, and he can chew on it until the cold numbs his gums. You can do this with different types of fruit and other healthy foods. Ice-cold bananas are another excellent idea, and the baby gets all the benefits of eating a banana while soothing his aching gums. We are hereby giving you other ways to make your own teethers. It includes:

Ice Cubes

Ice cubes can be used when you have a problem. However, make sure that your baby does not swallow an ice cube and choke on it. The best way to use an ice cube is to dampen a baby washcloth and freeze it. Then wrap it around the ice cube. Use an elastic band or a piece of yarn or string to secure it so the ice cube can’t fall out. As the baby chews on it, it will simply melt and turn into water. Afterward, you can freeze the cloth and start all over again.

Sugar-Free Popsicles

These are tasty treats that are great for babies when they are teething. It is best to make sure that you get a sugar-free Popsicle. You can also make your own from sugar-free juices so that your baby does not get too much sugar in his diet. You may even use the juice to make ice cubes, and adopt the above method of making your own teething rings.

Sugar Free Popsicles Are Great As Baby Teethers
Sugar-Free Popsicles Are Great As Baby Teethers

Tub Toys

You can fill many small tub toys with water to play games, and also use them when your baby is teething. However, you must obviously clean and sterilize the toys before they get near your baby’s mouth. Furthermore, fill them with water, then refrigerate or partially freeze them before giving them to your baby.

These are things that you can use if you are in an emergency and you do not have any real teething rings available. Sugar-free popsicle is mostly used as they are fun to see and babies love them. Moreover, make sure that you have teethers at hand long before you need them. This way, you can be well prepared.

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