Sugar-Free Banana Bread Recipes

Sugar Free Banana Bread Recipes

For lovers of banana bread who are trying to take better care of their health, there is an answer! You can prepare this in a much healthier way. This will not break your diet and still taste just as good as always. It’s about sugar-free banana bread.

The Sugar-Free Banana Bread Making

Sugar Free Banana Bread Recipes
Sugar-Free Banana Bread Recipes

The classic methods of making banana bread will usually include 10 to 16 grams of fat in one small slice. For some, this can ruin their entire diet and take them completely off the healthy train. However, you may change a few ingredients with more healthy and natural substitutes. And therefore, you can make banana bread a light, sweet, and healthy snack that is perfect to start off your day.

If you are seeking to make a healthy one, consider using some of the following healthy ingredients:

Whole Wheat Flour

When compared to white flour, whole wheat flour is rich in fiber and protein. It’s also a great source of selenium, manganese and can even give you a little kick of energy!

Eggs Can Load It With Protein

There is plenty of protein, vitamin D and even amino acids with just one egg. Eggs are linked to the improvement of eyesight, stronger hair and nails, and stronger muscles.

Bananas For Sure

The natural sugars from bananas will add just a perfect amount of sweetness to your banana bread. Additionally, bananas are a great source of potassium, vitamin C and B6, and even fiber.

Sugar Free Banana Bread Recipes
Sugar-Free Banana Bread Recipes


Walnuts reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and have the much-desired omega 3 fatty acids. There are even more fiber and more protein in walnuts, as well as vitamin B and E.

Natural Cane Sugar

Natural cane sugar has many vitamins and minerals and is much healthier than other sugars. Not to worry, with cane sugar you are not sacrificing flavor for health benefit.

Avoid Banana Bread

Now, while making your healthy new snack, you must remember one important fact. Butter is not good! Adding globs of butter for a small slice of this bread is defeating the purpose of healthy banana bread. Furthermore, it will ruin all your hard work in baking.

Butter On The Bread

Butter is a source of calories and bad cholesterol. So, if you can avoid the use of it at all, more power to you! However, if you are like most people, butter completes a good slice of sugar-free banana bread. Furthermore, If you use butter, you must monitor the quantity. Serving size of butter on a piece of bread is considered smaller than half a teaspoon. Also, using a light or whipped butter may help cut the number of calories per serving.

Sugar-free banana bread is great for a holiday treat, for special occasions like parties and baby showers. Moreover, you can even shape them into small circles to make banana bread cookies. So, next time you’re in the mood for a little sweet taste of banana bread, you can feel free, it’s in your diet!

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