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Sugar-Free Iced Coffee Recipe

Sugar-Free Iced Coffee Recipe

Coffee has been a classic beverage for a long time. Many people all over the world make different types of coffee beverages. Coffee lovers have coffee at least once a day. People of all ages enjoy this fantastic beverage. From exotic cafes to take-aways coffee satisfies all your cravings. It is delicious both served as cold or hot. Combining it with ice creams, chocolate syrups, and other toppings make it more palatable. Coffee beverages are widely available in almost all countries of the world. Hot coffee and cold coffee are the most common beverages made from coffee. The basic ingredients for making coffee is almost the same all over the world. Thus, here is a simple recipe for making delicious Sugar free iced Coffee.

Sugar-Free Iced Coffee Recipe
Sugar-Free Iced Coffee Recipe

Sugar-Free Iced Coffee Beverages

It is not impossible to make iced coffee without sugar. All you need to do is replace sugar with sugar-free products. Using sugar-free products will still keep the coffee sweet without extra calories. Whipped cream and chocolate syrup is optional.

You can also replace the regular chocolate syrup with sugar-free chocolate syrup that is available online. And talking about whipped cream, it contains .2 grams of sugar for every one tablespoon of whipped cream. So, it depends upon you whether you want to add this to the coffee or not. Adding whipped cream makes any coffee creamer and smoother. 

Regularly milk is added to coffee. But here we are suggesting to use almond milk. Also, the choice of adding sugar depends on you. As it is a sugar-free recipe, we are not adding any sugar to the coffee. Almond milk is just another healthier alternative to milk. This will enhance the flavor on the coffee with a light taste of almond.

Ingredients for Four Servings

You will need the following ingredients to make sugar free iced coffee for four servings.

  • Two cups of premade coffee
  • One cup of Almond Milk
  • 2 cups ice
  • Other optional toppings are whipped cream, sugar-free chocolate syrup, and chopped nuts.

How To Make Sugar Free Iced Coffee

Add all these ingredients in a blender. Then you need to blend it on high. Check if the mixture has reached the required thickness. If not, then mix it for a few more seconds after adding ice. You add ice as per the chillness and consistency you require of the beverage. Then pour it into four glasses and dress it with desired toppings. This preparation will serve four people.

Sugar-Free Iced Coffee Recipe
Sugar-Free Iced Coffee Recipe

Other Tips

You can make changes in the same ratio for making iced coffee for more or less number of people. Also, for making iced coffee with sugar add two tablespoons of sugar to this mixture.


Nowadays, everyone’s diet already contains a lot of calories. So, people who are on a strict diet or are medically recommended to avoid sugar rely on sugar-free beverages for their caffeine kick. People who need to reduce weight and maintain their body prefer sugar free iced coffee. Although cold coffee is the most delicious when topped with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. But this is not for everyone.

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