Amazing Tea And Coffee Cup For Your Guest - Amazing Tea And Coffee Cup For Your Guest -

Amazing Tea And Coffee Cup For Your Guest

The Tea and Coffee Cup

Have you ever thought of the tea and coffee cup? It’s a conundrum. The kitchen is where it all begins and ends for us and it remains so, no matter where we go.

A Cup Of Tea Makes Everything Better

The Tea and Coffee Cup
The Tea and Coffee Cup

I’ve been a professional nowadays. In fact, I’m doing my master’s degree in management and it’s true that I am also involved in the coffee shop business. Coffee is almost all I serve, of course. I am happy to be serving this, my very favorite drink.

Tea and Coffee Cup

Every time I drink my tea and coffee cup, I think of my father. He was my mentor and it’s always good to have one in the kitchen. I don’t know why but this dish has always fascinated me and I tend to always ask my father to make it for me. How could I miss such a fantastic tea and coffee cup?

Of course, I am not living in my own home. I don’t have any space, so why would I live like a king in the kitchen? Still, I continue to prepare a cup of tea for myself and for my dad. I just wonder if he will think that I am living in a different world.

Serve The Drink

My mother is the same as my father. She knows a lot about the tea and coffee cup. However, she knows what to add or not to add in it. She makes this for me all the time.

In the beginning, I don’t really think about goji berries. I just put them in the cup. After a while, I think of the goji berries and what they are, then. They are fruits. They are no different from my other fruits.

As I progress in my profession, I begin to think about what goes into the cup that makes it a “tea and coffee cup.” Maybe, people should go to Wikipedia and look at the list of ingredients.

Know More

The Tea and Coffee Cup
The Tea and Coffee Cup

Tea is made of five elements and they are Water, tea leaves, various herbs, as well as some hot water and spices. If you boil some water at the right temperature, a cup of tea is there, already.

A cup of sweet tea is created when the leaves are boiled, and after that, there is nothing to prevent that the sweet water is put into the tea leaves and slowly boiled. It depends on the brewing method of the person. One who likes to brew tea according to his own style may prefer to let the leaves steep a little longer.

The leaves are boiled and only then is the tea brewed. They should be done with a clear, strong, and sweet flavor. If the tea has a bitter taste, it is because there is no sugar.

Bottom Line

In the middle of the process, the leaves are fully cooked and the coffee is added at the same time. When I drink this cup of tea, it reminds me of the time when I was an apprentice in the tea house.

There are two sides to the tea and coffee cup. They can be white tea or black tea, and they can also be green tea. It depends on your preference. Whether to be a tea lover or a coffee lover depends on your preference.

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